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December 9, 2022
Internet Presence Management

Getting your web site designed and launched is just the start. We provide complete "no-worries" internet solutions for our clients, starting with the domain name choice and registration, web site hosting (including professionally managed severs and a direct internet connection). We establish and maintain your presence on the Internet.

Your web site must reflect your business development and should always look fresh. At WEB Solutions we recognize this need and offer service packages designed specifically for your business and your web site.

We can maintain your web site by dedicating a timeframe for all necessary content and design updates. We examine your web site traffic and proactively provide updates and technology upgrades that would better serve your web site visitors and prospective client.

We can also provide you with easy to use tools to manage your web site yourself: create and post news, update your home page with the latest promotionl offers, etc. Each section of your web site can be managed through the toolkit that we provide, customized to fit your exact needs.

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