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November 28, 2023

A complete E-Commerce web site has more than just a front end - it's an online store. But that is still only a small part of a typical e-commerce solution. A full set of administrative tools running "behind the scenes" gives you the ability to fully manage your online operation.

With some of our tools you can:
  • Manage your inventory and connect to suppliers
  • Update your online catalogue, add new products & promotions, etc.
  • Connect to your customers using a feature-rich customer relation tool
  • Management tools to send quotes, log all customer service & support issues, and much more
  • Generate leads using mailing lists
  • Choose the way you process payments, pick shipping methods & pricing, design your online receipts
  • Set event triggers, confirmation messages, email & pager notifications
WEB Solutions can connect your business with its partners and customers. We carefully plan your solution to achieve flawless value chain integration that suits the exact needs of your business. Our experts work with companies to make their e-commerce web sites efficient and effective, streamlining processes and maximizing revenues.

If done right, your e-commerce solution should do the job for you - you can relax and watch the sales counter go up.

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